Importance of Microlearning: Byte sized learning

3 min readMar 5, 2021

Microlearning — Modern learning strategy at the workplace

In a world where skills and jobs continuously change, Professionals always crave learning and have a desire to learn even while they earn. Long instructional meetings, workshops, and big manuals to learn from are obsolete and monotonous. What is needed is learning in byte size so that they can make time for self-learning, anytime and anywhere.

Professionals today believe in newer learning methods. Not just that, they seek more flexibility about how and when they do it. Managers acknowledge that innovation alone can meet these employee needs and requirements. Microlearning will be less expensive, more helpful, and, more impactful.

Before jumping into the water you need to know the reasons why microlearning is better for your learners.

Micro-learning imparts learning in the workflow

Today’s employees should be more adaptable and flexible to learn and acquire new skills in the changing environment. Employees need to be able to respond effectively to the working conditions however it may be.

Listed below are a few reasons explaining why microlearning is more efficient than traditional long-duration training.

  • Bite-sized learning is more effective than traditional instructional classroom training.
  • Learners can access it whenever they want to learn as the content is readily available and accessible.
  • Learners are more focused due to short chunks of learning resulting in easier retention.

L&D professionals prefer Microlearning

Most of the L& D professionals prefer microlearning as employees at the workplace. It has ended up being an effective choice for long-term eLearning courses.
It permits students to digest things rapidly, perform multiple tasks among assignments and meetings, lastly.
Moreover, microlearning holds the current subject better as it is a more absorbable form.

Learning timespan matches working memory attention

The human brain can not focus for a long time. It grasps better when the subject is communicated in short spurts. Microlearning is most suited for this delivery form.

Reduce development cost — Increase speed of development

By employing microlearning techniques developers can reduce development costs and boost up the speed of development.

Here are some reasons :

  • There’s no requirement to pay for the faculty time, purchase or rent actual classrooms and pay for the utilities.
  • It is simpler and less time-consuming to update computerized data than reprinting manuals and training material.
  • It is simpler and less tedious to turn out microlearning courses since they are secluded.

Microlearning creates more employee engagement

Employee withdrawal and boredom are two aspects that impact the success rate in an eLearning program. Microlearning is the right approach that gives an excellent variety and balance. And that keeps employees engaged in all stages of learning.

Here’s a rundown of some useful tips:

Make your bite-sized learning courses to look like online media content-on-request, audience-engaging, and media-rich

Draw in your audience right from the beginning and keep at it until the finish of the module. Because the module is short there is no assurance that the learners will remain with you through exhausting content and dreary introduction.

Get rid of the background history, and the theories. Convey the “how-to” immediately. Keep in mind, your learners are searching for instant solutions and information.

Incorporating microlearning with mobile learning :

This is the most effective way to make your learning accessible so that learners can always learn at their convenience.

Enable your workforce to learn quicker and perform better with effective Microlearning.

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