Importance of Microlearning: Byte sized learning

Micro-learning imparts learning in the workflow

  • Bite-sized learning is more effective than traditional instructional classroom training.
  • Learners can access it whenever they want to learn as the content is readily available and accessible.
  • Learners are more focused due to short chunks of learning resulting in easier retention.

L&D professionals prefer Microlearning

Learning timespan matches working memory attention

Reduce development cost — Increase speed of development

  • There’s no requirement to pay for the faculty time, purchase or rent actual classrooms and pay for the utilities.
  • It is simpler and less time-consuming to update computerized data than reprinting manuals and training material.
  • It is simpler and less tedious to turn out microlearning courses since they are secluded.

Microlearning creates more employee engagement

Here’s a rundown of some useful tips:

Incorporating microlearning with mobile learning :



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