Penetration Testing: How to perform PenTest in Cybersecurity?

The pen testing cycle can be divided into five phases:

  • Static analysis: Estimating an application’s code to assess how it acts while running. These devices can check the whole of the code in a single pass
  • Dynamic analysis: Inspecting an application’s code in a running state. This is a more functional method of examining, as it gives an actual view into an application’s execution
  • Explicit vulnerabilities that were abused
  • Valuable information that was stolen
  • In the timespan, the pen tester had the option to stay in the system undetected

Why do Penetration Testing?

  • Financial categories like Banks, Investment Banking, Stock Trading Exchanges require their data to be protected and penetration testing is vital for data security
  • If an organisations software is hacked or compromised. And they want to check whether risks are still present in the systems and networks to evade future hacks
  • Proactive Penetration Testing is the best shield against ethical hackers



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