Top 10 Hard Skills and Soft Skills in 2021

3 min readMar 5, 2021

Competition demands innovation. How do you stand out within the limited career choices, job roles and industries? The answer is, “Upskill/Reskill yourself!” with the top required hard skills and soft skills.

To save the effort of researching, we bring to you the top 10 most required hard and soft skills in 2021. This year has been disruptive especially in terms of consumer behavior and hence demands a unique skill set.

Hard Skills

LinkedIn Learning 2020 Workplace Learning Report identifies the following hard skills to be the most demanded:

  1. Blockchain Developing: Blockchain is a new technology ruling business transactions. It essentially involves managing and transferring digital assets across the internet. Enabling these transactions in a safe and secure way is where the skill comes into the picture.
  2. Cloud Computing: With the mammoth of data generated every day, it became imperative to find ways to access it and store it anywhere. Thus, one must learn to design, operate and maintain cloud architecture on a variety of platforms.
  3. Analytical Reasoning: It is the ability to comprehend and interpret data and, by discerning patterns and using logic, to discover findings based on analysis.
  4. Artificial Intelligence: It is essentially creating softwares and codes using programming languages that enable a computer to discern human behaviour. These then serve as inputs which result in more efficient and effective outputs. However, the knowledge of various programming languages including C++ and Java is primal to learning this advanced skill.
  5. UX Design: With businesses shifting online and reduction in the scope of innovation, delivering a satisfying user experience is essential. Therefore, it entails elements like website optimization, web design and testing it continuously to enhance the consumer experience.

Soft Skills

  1. Creativity: The art of ideation when combined with implementation results in creativity. The ability to think out the box to solve problems is the key to survive in this dynamic world.
  2. Persuasion: Attempts to bring about the desired change in the behaviour of a person that is beneficial to the pursuing party is what’s persuasion all about. It helps successfully complete transactions.
  3. Collaboration: Unifying individual efforts and goals to achieve a common objective is what collaboration helps achieve. Who would not live in a harmonious world where all their needs are fulfilled!
  4. Adaptability: The pandemic is the most recent, unexpected change that we all have encountered. The ability to embrace the new normal’ is adaptability.
  5. Emotional Intelligence: Who would like regular office conflicts? Wouldn’t it be great if people could identify and manage their emotions constructively? Well, why don’t you start with yourself?

We envision a world where workplace culture is synonymous with learning. This blog article is an effort to create learned champions leading the world.

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