Top 10 Podcasts for Cybersecurity in 2021

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10 podcasts full of engaging conversations, interviews, and resources on recent trends and events.
Cybersecurity podcasts

Cybersecurity is an area that is new and exciting. People like to know how to be safe from cyber attacks to digital terrorism. It can at first seem daunting to dive into the field of cybersecurity because it is a complex topic. However, with technology being a greater part of everyday life, it is a must to know about cyber risks. Cybersecurity podcasts have been a useful tool for years to absorb security content, keep updated with the recent risks, hear about current events, and everything else you need to know in order to stay at the top of your game. If you work in technology or are only starting to learn about the field, these are the best podcasts on the topic of cybersecurity. There are several great podcasters lauding from the security field, delivering decades of experience, fresh experiences, and useful knowledge to listeners around the globe.

We have discovered 10 podcasts full of engaging conversations, interviews, and resources on recent trends and events. These podcasts are great at keeping up on the news, gathering valuable advice, not to forget that they are fun to listen to, from the newest security technologies to the emergence of new malware.

Here goes the list of top 10 podcasts in cybersecurity in 2021.

1. Darknet Diaries:

  • Host: Jack Rhysider
  • Date of podcast launch: September 2017
  • Three typical topics: ATM hacking, the history of carding, Stuxnet
  • Available on: RSS, YouTube, Spotify, iTunes, Google, Overcast, Stitcher and others
  • Average episode length: 60 minutes, bi-weekly
  • Website:

Darkest Diaries is undoubtedly amongst one of the most fascinating and interesting podcasts. Something that should be on the top of your watchlist. This investigatory podcast digs deeper into actual tales about cybercrime, malware, and everything else on the internet that is suspicious. Darknet Diaries provides extensive review for those who are pragmatic about the data breaches faced to today’s people and corporations, featuring “true stories from the dark side of the internet.” Here, there is no romanticization, just cool study of hot issues that investigate crimes and technology.

2. Cyber Security Sauna

  • Host: F-secure’s Janne Kauhanen
  • Date of podcast launch: 2017
  • Typical topics: Anything that makes the cyber understandable to people who don’t have all day to spend on it.
  • Available on: Website, Soundcloud, Apple Podcast, Spotify, Podino, Muckrack and more
  • Average episode length: 30 minutes, weekly
  • Website:

In order to provide enough current knowledge and expertise in the cybersecurity sector, Cyber Security Sauna brings together experts from various domains. To give a jump start to its listeners, the podcast also discusses the new developments and impending issues in the industry. With unrivalled edge protection and prevention and response expertise, the podcast helps make listeners aware about anything from sophisticated cyber threats and data breaches to massive ransomware infections.

3. The Shared Security Podcast

  • Host: Tom Eston and Scott Wright
  • Date of podcast launch: 2009
  • Typical topics: Surveillance Updates, Privacy on Social Media, Cyber Attacks
  • Available on: YouTube, Spotify, iTunes, Overcast, Stitcher, iTunes and more
  • Average episode length: 20 minutes, weekly
  • Website:

The Shared Security Podcast, presented by ethical hacker and technology enthusiast Tom Eston and data security analyst and consultant Scott Wright, discusses the confidence held in individuals, applications, and technologies. The duo encompasses all that comes under the umbrellas of protection of data, anonymity, the Internet of Things (IoT), applications and portable devices, and so on. The essence behind the podcast is easy. Massive numbers of people in an integrated world depend on networks and systems which are “shared” as a collective network. And training customers to identify about risks to its credibility has been a great way to maintain the infrastructure protected.

4. CyberWire

  • Host: David Bittner
  • Date of podcast launch: 2015
  • Typical topics: News on cybersecurity, review of the sector, interviews of experts
  • Available on: Google Podcasts, Castbox, Overcast, Spotify, Stitcher
  • Pandora, Apple Podcasts
  • Average episode length: 20 minutes, weekdays, 30 episodes a year
  • Website:

CyberWire has developed a regular service of ever more headlines emerging from cyberspace that helps to condense the important cybersecurity updates of the day into a daily briefing. The emphasis is on providing content that is succinct, relevant, and appropriate. Each preview is doing a better job of telling you what the episode is all about so that you can easily determine if the show continues to be of benefit to you or not. The CyberWire provides both regular briefings and longer podcasts syndicated by collaborators, providing straightforward and succinct summaries of the breaking headlines and important information you need to know to keep up to date with the security environment.

5. Down the Security Rabbithole

  • Host: James Jardne, Rafal Los
  • Date of podcast launch: 2011
  • Typical topics: Corporate security, constitutional, quasi industries
  • Available on: Google Podcasts, Castbox, Overcast, Spotify, Stitcher
  • Pandora, Apple Podcasts
  • Average episode length: 45 minutes, weekly
  • Website:

Down The Security Rabbithole is targeted towards individuals with a curiosity in software who’ve been market focused. Via a business-first eye, this podcast displays the current cybersecurity headlines and scandals. The hosts deliver a distinctive perspective on data security that is not visible on this list from anyone else. This podcast, released in 2011, is now one of the most popular for industries. In the COVID-19 pandemic, Down the Security Rabbithole aims to fix concerns such as cybersecurity-related rules, the insecurity of SMBs, and sustainable livelihoods.

6. Security Now!

  • Host: Steve Gibson, Leo Laporte
  • Date of podcast launch: 2005
  • Typical topics: Personal safety, loopholes, malware
  • Available on: Podnova, RSS, iTunes
  • Average episode length: 2 hours, weekly
  • Website: Security Now

Safety Now! Security Now! Steve Gibson and Leo Laporte devote almost two hours addressing significant security topics ranging from headlines to lengthy issues, questions, and remedies on a weekly podcast. Security Now! It emphasises on personal safety, delivering practical suggestions to ensure its viewers solve major barriers and improve their personal safety. Security Now! With a few of the longest episodes that also extend far past the duration of a short film, this is one of the oldest cybersecurity podcasts. Gibson and Laporte concentrate on personal welfare but still take time to concentrate on what has transpired across the world this week. Since one instalment is almost two hours long, a cyber stone is scarcely left untouched by this podcast.

7. 443- Security Simplified

  • Host: White-Hat Hackers and Researchers of Secplicity
  • Date of podcast launch: 2018
  • Typical topics: IT and Business Safety
  • Available on: Spotify, Youtube, Apple Podcasts, Stitcher, Tunein, Google Podcasts
  • Average episode length: 30 minutes, weekly
  • Website:

For the less tech-savvy audiences (like me), white hat hackers help this podcast concentrate on breaking down several of the most difficult cybersecurity news. In addition to these ‘good-guy’ hackers, intelligence analysts and other cybersecurity enthusiasts would also reflect on the situations, presenting specific perspective opportunities.

They’ll guide and entertain you every week by taking down the new cybersecurity news and patterns and simplifying them. They will convert nuanced security principles into clearly interpreted and enforceable perspectives using their unique mix of experience, intellect, and cynicism.

8. Smashing Security

  • Host: Carole Theriault and Graham Cluley
  • Date of podcast launch: 2016
  • Typical topics: Internet threats, online privacy and Hacking
  • Available on: Spotify, RSS, iTunes, Google, Pocket Casts, Overcast
  • Average episode length: 50 minutes, weekly
  • Website:

Smashing Protection would be no less insightful while being one of the more casual listeners on this chart. The cybersecurity-veteran speakers still tend to tackle consequential questions with comfort by opting instead to discuss concerns with a light-hearted sound. If you want to laugh when listening, check it out.

The speakers maintain the terminology easy and take note of not patronising the audience. It’s one of those podcasts that you can delve straight into. Maybe it is this willingness to combine awareness and usability at the 2018 European Security Blogger Awards that won Smashing Security the title of “Best Security Podcast.”

9. Unsupervised Learning

  • Host: Daniel Miessle
  • Date of podcast launch: 2015
  • Typical topics: Google security breaches, Cyberwar updates
  • Available on: iTunes, Spotify, Stitcher, Overcast
  • Average episode length: 20 minutes, weekly
  • Website:

A cybersecurity expert and researcher produces the Unsupervised Learning Podcast. In a succinct, summarised podcast of the recent events every week, Miessler absorbs five to twenty hours of reviewing pieces of literature and contributing to podcasts about information security, technology, and individuals. In a fast, engaging style, hundreds of podcasts offer an extensive range of perspectives.

What else is there to anticipate from a standard podcast? For instance, lots of information. If it is addressed in the newspapers that have a cyber angle, it will be covered by Miessler. Or perhaps he’s trying to dedicate a whole episode to a huge story, delivering a deeper analysis you’re not going to see everywhere else. It’s fascinating material either way.

10. The Social-Engineer Podcast

  • Host: Chris “loganWHD” Hadnagy
  • Date of podcast launch: 2009
  • Typical topics: Online Privacy, Misinformation Techniques
  • Available on: iTunes, Spotify
  • Average episode length: 50 minutes, monthly
  • Website:

This podcast mostly comes face to face with human psychology, unlike so many other cybersecurity podcasts. It’s like a blend — giving a balanced perspective on what makes social engineers susceptible to individuals. Anticipate a series of conversations from transformed hackers, gurus of blockchain, and even a scholar or two.

It is among the most interesting things in the article, perhaps. This podcast explores the recognition and prevention of the consequences of cybercrimes that are socially engineered. Do yourself a favor and make this a part of the rotation of your weekly podcast. There’s really no worse experience, after all than learning that a hacker has succeeded to exploit the way you seem to think to scam you.

You need to be diligent, not reactionary when it comes to your cybersecurity. This includes making sure your knowledge is up to date until it’s too late to build up your defenses. Do give these podcasts a listen!

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