Top 15 Digital Marketing Podcasts to follow in 2021

5 min readFeb 17, 2021

As a Digital marketing professional, it is imperative to keep a tab on trends in order to improve business operations, visibility, and ultimately the bottom line. But it is equally important to do so as an individual for developing and strengthening your own brand identity and story.

What’s better than an auditory edutainment form of learning which can be consumed on-the-go or even in bed! So, we thought of aggregating a list of the top 15 podcast channels on Digital marketing which will provide you with the required and relevant dosage.

Here is the list of the top 15 digital marketing podcasts:

  • The Exposure Ninja Digital Marketing Podcasts: Launched in 2016 yet so relevant today. Learn all about SEO, PPC, SEM (jargons) from one of the best digital marketing authors Tim Cameron. The USP of these podcasts encompass simple language, practical insights and actionable strategies/tips already tried and tested. So, take inspiration from the word ‘ninja’ and embark on a crazy journey to achieve results with Tim.
  • The Digital Marketing Scoop: Here’s the key that will allow you to virtually immerse yourself into the DM world without having to dirty your feet. Hosted by Mark Flavin and Pamela Kiely from Cliq Media and Marketing, this podcast offers the latest trends in the market and casts a light on ways to leverage these to gain brand visibility and ramp up customer acquisition as a result. Scoop into the delight of the digital forefront and improve the effectiveness of your organization.
  • The DigitalMarketer Podcast: Garett Holmes and strives to provide the best experience to his listeners by adopting an interview format. He calls upon the brightest minds in the industry to share their experiences and opinions on recent happenings in the industry. Their valuable on-the-job insights can change the course of action for you, your job role, and your business. It’s a no-brainer to subscribe to it.
  • The Digital Marketing Master’s Podcast: In need of immediate solutions to your problems? Matt and Karry Rouse provide them all as tactics for problems that affect businesses at large. The wide gamut of topics includes SEO, content marketing, sales and conversions, and much more. Global experts join the hosts to add value to the discussion and provide rich insights and perspectives.
  • The Digital Marketing Podcast by Daniel Rowles: An extremely popular podcast that ensures you get your digital marketing edge. How? By integrating interviews of global experts, along with the latest news, tools, tactics, and techniques. It plays the role of an advisor and more interestingly a soothsayer at times predicting trends in email marketing and other fronts. Do check it out.
  • Marketing School with Neil Patel and Eric Sie: Who wouldn’t enjoy a school that teaches for 10 minutes a day only! These front-line digital marketers indulge in conversations with the best minds globally to deliver “actionable insights” which will surely take your organization a notch higher.
  • The business of digital: This podcast hosted by Mat Siltala and Dave Rohrer will satisfy the variety-seeking behavior in you. Their combined experience of over 40 years is a testament to their expertise and gambit of their knowledge which is translated into their podcasts. Therefore, you will find information on areas of SEO, Google Analytics, Social Media, and New productive tools in the market.
  • Marketing O’clock: This leading digital marketing podcast, exploring most digital aspects like SEO, PPC, and marketing for social media. The team from Cypress North, a digital marketing agency digs deep into the emerging digital marketing news, research, strategies, and developments every Friday and explains how they can affect business goals and Key Performance Indicators. Their camaraderie stands out and makes the conversation really fun to hear.
  • Marketing Scoop: A unique approach based on brand case studies is adopted by Espree Devora to disseminate information. Her journalist background guides the interviews in a structured manner while her general sense of curiosity extracts value from the guests in the episodes. Therefore, the learning curve is steep since the talk revolves around industry-specific insights, strategies, trends, and technological advances.
  • The paid search podcast: This podcast focuses on a very niche domain of digital marketing that is paid marketing on the platforms of Google. The themes of the episodes range from Adwords to PPC to Performance metrics. The content in this channel caters to beginners as well as seasoned professionals. What adds value to it is the expertise of the hosts, Chris Schaeffer and Jason Rothman. Try this guide to effectively market and advertise your business and its offering despite the available resources.
  • Edge of the Web: Building an online presence and having direct access to your target group is truly a task. Declutter and stand out through the amazing advice provided by Erin Sparks on this platform. The means to this “edge” is search engine optimization (SEO). The hour-long insights and tips are not only given by the host but supplemented with the practical experiences of the industry experts.
  • Kalicube Marketing Podcast with Jason Barnard: This podcast is a discussion with some of the best marketing experts out there that is entertaining, intelligent, and enjoyable. Although the episodes are not on a standard weekly schedule, there is plenty of useful data that makes listening worth reviewing. His podcasts include reflections on building sites for eCommerce, outsourcing secrets and using captions.
  • The present beyond measure show: Lea Pica, the host believes that quantification makes insights believable and foster comprehension. Thus, these podcasts leverage the power of data analytics in digital marketing through data visualization and presentation topics and techniques. With a roster of incredibly knowledgeable guests and Lea’s own expertise, you are in for a value-packed ride to informed decision making.
  • Marketing over Coffee: An enthusiastic speaker and host, Marcus Sheriden voices his opinions on the recent happenings and spots and analyses trends which are here to take your business a long way. The format of the program is to address the questions of budding digital marketers in-length so as to resolve it and throw light on conceptual details. Excerpts from his own professional experience enrich the quality of content delivered.
  • Agents of Change: If you need some insider tips and tricks for digital marketing content about SEO, social media marketing, and mobile marketing, resort to this channel. They provide extensive and comprehensive content to drive sales, transform leads into consumers and drive traffic and engagement. Listen to the alpha geeks from diverse backgrounds with niche expertise to bring about a substantial difference to your organization.