What is SEO: Search Engine Optimization?

How Search Engine Works:

Search Engines are the storage of web pages where the copies of webpages are stored. When you type something on the search engine, it goes through all the webpages and shows the most relevant result. All these processes use an algorithm, which no one knows exactly how it works.

How SEO works:

Search Engine Optimization simply shows the search engines that your content is the best relevant content for the users because the search engines have the same goals to show the most compatible result to the users. SEO also depends on the type of search engine you are optimizing for. To gain more organic traffic to your webpages you need to understand the search engines’ algorithms and to gain more views on videos, you need to practice YouTube SEO.

Optimizations For Google:

Google uses nearly 200 ranking factors, still, nobody knows the exact ways of Google ranking algorithms. Now, we need to always remember about Google is that it always ranks web pages, not websites. Your page ranks for different keywords. Hence you need to optimize different pages on different keywords. All your pages should not be optimized using one keyword.



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